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Important information about your sentrilock card utility program

A Card Utility upgrade will need to be completed by agents using older versions of the Card Utility program by August 31, 2015. The drivers that the old Card Utility versions use will no longer be supported by the major internet providers after that date. 

Beginning March 25, 2015, when you put your SentriCard in a card reader to renew, it may inform you that you are using an old version of the Card Utility and you will need to upgrade.  It will also provide you with the link to the updated version. Once you upgrade, the message box will no longer be displayed. If you are already on the updated version, you will not see this message box and will continue to update your card as usual.

If the agent doesn’t follow the link on the login page, after the card has been successfully renewed, they will get a pop-up error message that they are using an old version of the Card Utility, and they will need to upgrade prior to August 31, 2015.  The SentriCard will be renewed, and if they click out of the pop-up error message, they will get the message showing that their card was successfully renewed.  Once they upgrade, the message box will no longer be displayed.  If they are already on the updated version, they will not ever see the message box and continue to update their card as they usually do.

SentriSmart™ Mobile App Now Available

The SentriSmart™mobile application allows you to access a lockbox key compartment with the use of a mobile access code instead of a SentriCard®. Now you can get automatic listing assignments, instant showing notifications, and SentriCard® renewal codes via your smartphone or tablet. This application is free to GCAAR members.

Getting Started Guide

SentriSmart™ User Guide - Apple

SentriSmart™ User Guide - Android

SentriSmart™ Flyer

Sentrilock video tutorials

SentriLock has produced  two video tutorials to give new agents or those seeking a refresher course an overview of the SentriLock system. 

View the tutorials

View SentriLock newsletter archive


SentriLock Power Paddle

If your lockbox becomes completely unresponsive, the lockbox may require a Power Paddle, which can be leased or purchased from any GCAAR location. In the event that your lockbox becomes unresponsive, make sure that you contact SentriLock first, to confirm that the batteries need to be replaced and the lockbox requires a Power Paddle. For more information regarding the process, please contact GCAAR at (301) 590-2000.

Save the Battery - Close The Lockbox After a Showing

GCAAR would like to remind agents, when showing property, please close the lockbox once you've extracted the keys.  If the lockbox is left open while showing the property, the lockbox continues to drain the batteries. Upon leaving the property, open the lockbox, again, with your SentriLock card and place the keys in the container.  Close the lockbox door.  Lockbox batteries last approximately 2-3 years with normal use. 

Click the SentriCard below for  a copy of the Sentrilock Quick Reference Pocket Guide.



GCAAR SentriLock Rules & Regulations

How to use a 1 Day Code on a SentriLock box

How to Properly Close a Sentrilock Lockbox 

Updating SentriCard at Showing and Generate One Day Codes

Using Sentrilock Lockboxes in other Regions or Associations

MAC Users: SentriLock Update 

Lockbox System Complaint Form 

Lockbox System Complaint Form - General Instructions and Information