Mac Users: SentriLock Update

Sentrilock has assured us that development of a Mac version of their card reader software is progressing and is their top programming priority. 

Some of you may already have the Windows operating system installed for other purposes, and the card reader software that you received at the conversion should run in the Windows environment.

In the meantime, you can update your card by phone-in to Sentrilock support


1. Call 1-877-736-8745 (The number on the back of your Sentrilock Card!) 

2. Select "1" (The option for speaking with a technical support representative). 

3. Enter your Sentricard Serial Number

4. Press 2

5. Press 3

6. Tell the tech support person you need an update code


This will update your card and allow you to show property without having to access a card reader.

You should be able to manage listings, track showings and utilize many of the functions on the website with your existing software and browser.

We will continue to keep you posted on any developments.  If you have additional questions, please call GCAAR at 301-590-8765, or Sentrilock at1-877-736-8745.