Updated DC Agency Forms, July 2005

The Washington, DC Real Estate Board recently issued revisions to the required Agency Disclosure forms. GCAAR played an integral role in the development of these forms and they are a marked improvement over the previous versions.

The DC Real Estate Board has stated that it will be sympathetic with licensees as we transition to the use of the new forms. However, the old Agency forms are now considered obsolete and these revised forms should be used immediately (GCAAR Form Numbers 130, 132 & 143 have now been eliminated.)

The new forms are titled and numbered as follows:

Disclosure/Confirmation of Dual Representation and/or Designated Representation - GCAAR Form #1000 
This form is only attached to the contract when Dual or Designated Representation occurs and the principles to the contract acknowledge and agree to proceed with this form of representation.

Consent for Dual Representation and Designated Representation - GCAAR Form #1001 
This form is always attached to the listing agreement or buyer agency agreement. The purpose is to obtain consent from the client for dual and designated representation. The form offers some definition of these types of agency and the implications if the client does not elect to work under these types of agency. This form provides a check off box if the client does not consent to these forms of agency .

Disclosure of Brokerage Relationship - GCAAR Form #1002 
This form is always given to the customer and never to the client. The law requires the agent to tell a customer they do not represent the customer and discloses which parties to the contract the agent does represent. It also helps define when the form is to be given to the customer. It allows the agent to sign in those cases when the customer does not want to sign. There is a place for the recipient to "acknowledge" receipt rather than "sign" implying some form of contractual acceptance.