Changes to Form #1205 - Montgomery County Single Family Lease

Joint and several liability sentences moved to just above paragraph #1 from its old location in paragraph #18

Paragraph #2

  • Late charge now stated as 5% of the "monthly rent" rather than 5% of the "unpaid rent then due"
  • Bounced check fee increased from $25 to $35

Paragraph #3

  • Updated statutory language regarding security deposits from GCAAR #1205C (Lease Addendum replaced by Form 1205) inserted
  • Statement that failure of landlord to comply with the security deposit laws may result in landlord being held liable for three times the amount of the security deposit plus reasonable attorney's fees

Paragraph #9

  • Tenant now responsible for pest and rodent control
  • Tenant now responsible for all broken glass and screens
  • Tenants now responsible for watering the grass
  • Tenants now responsible for blockages in toilets, drains and air gaps

Paragraph #10

  • Lease now specifically states that landlord not required to install cable, phone lines, cable wiring or multiple phone line access

Paragraph #11

  • Smoke detectors paragraph inserted from GCAAR #1205C (Lease Addendum)

Paragraph #15

  • Statement inserted that landlords insurance does not provide coverage for tenant

Paragraph #16

  • Injury and Accident is inserted into "Hold Harmless Clause"

Paragraph #17

  • Landlord Access paragraph from GCAAR #1205C (Lease Addendum) inserted

Paragraph #18

  • New 14 day notice to quit and vacate in the event tenant of other person on the premises with tenant's consent breaches the lease in a manner which demonstrates a clear and imminent danger

Paragraph #19

  • Court awarded legal fees paragraph inserted from GCAAR #1205C (Lease Addendum)

Paragraph #20

  • Retaliatory eviction paragraph inserted from GCAAR #1205C (Lease Addendum)

Paragraph #22

  • If the tenant holds over for a part of the month they are now responsible for rent for the entire month

Paragraph #28

  • Eviction assistance paragraph inserted from GCAAR #1205C (Lease Addendum)

Paragraph #33

  • Military clause inserted is much more detailed than the clause in GCAAR #1205C (Lease Addendum). It now specifically outlines services covered and statutory time periods triggering tenants rights

Paragraph #35

  • Rent increase clause inserted from GCAAR #1205C (Lease Addendum)

Paragraph #38

  • Notice to agent will constitute notice to landlord
  • Tenant must be notified within 10 days of change of landlord or change in landlord's address
  • If new landlord is a corporation then the tenant must be provided with the corporation's resident agent's name and address