Explanation of New Forms, Feb. 20, 2004

Form #1202 — Property Management and Exclusive Rental Agreement 

  • Form revised for use in Washington, DC as well as Montgomery County,
  • Paragraphs given titles
  • Minor grammatical and wording changes where appropriate:
  • Paragraph #9 — Added "120 days"
  • Paragraph #21 — New language
  • Paragraph #23 — adding language regarding lead paint
  • Paragraph #29 — added check boxes

Form #1203 - Landlord's Property Information Sheet 

  • New form name
  • Added space for email address
  • Added check boxes regarding warranties and/or maintenance agreements
  • Move "Service Warranties or Contracts" paragraph

Form #1307 — PreSettlement Limited Access Agreement 

This addendum is to be used when a buyer desires limited access to the property for a specific purpose, which does not include occupancy (i.e.. Storing furniture, refinishing floors, installing carpet, painting, etc.). The Risk of Loss paragraph is consistent with the other GCAAR Occupancy Agreements.

This form addresses the typical concerns of a seller regarding the Buyer not completing settlement; not relinquishing the property; not completing the work commenced; damage caused to the property; damage caused to the Purchaser's personal property; injury to the Buyer or their guests, invitees, etc., additional deposit; forfeiture of deposit and more.

Form #1602 — New Home Addendum 

This addendum can be used in Washington, DC or Montgomery County, Maryland to convert either the Regional or MAR Resale Contract to a New Home Contract. This form should be used in situations where the builder does not have its own contract. Many of the clauses from the old New Homes Contract have been utilized and several new clauses have been created.

The form addresses everything from financing considerations, to dealing with selection of optional extras, establishing the settlement date, final walk-through and the "punch-list", warranties and much more.