Explanation of New Forms, May 1, 2003

In May, 2003, GCAAR released a new form called the Government Regulations, Easements, and Assessments Disclosure and Addendum (REA). This form is required with all Listing Agreements and Sales Contracts in Montgomery County, Maryland.

The new REA Addendum (GCAAR Form #1302) replaced several forms including forms 1300B, 1320A and 1320B. Most of these affected only Montgomery County transactions. One form, however, is also intended for use in Washington, DC. Previous editions of these forms should be destroyed to avoid confusion.

A REA Reference Guide is available in the Members Only section of the GCAAR Website under Montgomery County Forms.

With the creation of the REA, several forms were also revised, including the following: 

Form 910C—Jurisdictional Addendum to Exclusive Right to Sell for Improved Real Property-Montgomery County

Form 1300A—Montgomery County Jurisdictional Addendum to Sales Contract

Form 1318—Some Information Relative to the Purchase of Real Estate (Washington, DC and Montgomery County)

The following forms were eliminated by the new REA: 

Form 1300B—Maryland Escrow Deposit and Forest Conservation Act Addendum

Form 1320A—Subdivision Plat, Water, and Sewer SPA Addendum

Form 1320B—Historic Designation Disclosure and Acknowledgement Addendum