Explanation of New Forms, Feb. 17, 2003

GCAAR has recently updated the following forms:
  • Form #910C - Montgomery County Addendum to the Listing Contract
  • Form #1502 - Buyer's Estimated Settlement Costs (To be used in Montgomery County and Washington, DC)
  • Form #1503 - Sellers' Estimated Expenses (Montgomery County)

These forms have been updated to reflect changes in regulations pertaining to transfer and recordation taxes. The revised forms are currently available from the Members Only section of the GCAAR website. Hard copies can also be ordered directly from GCAAR using the GCAAR Contract Order Form. ZipForm is working on updating these forms as well.

Please direct any questions regarding these forms to Yvette Robinson at 301.590.8774 or yrobinson@gcaar.com or Meredith Weisel (MWeisel@gcaar.com) at 301.590.8790.