Dear Tech Team:


How do I double space in Microsoft Word?
Highlight the text you wish to double space or, if applicable, the entire document
Click "Format" on the top menu bar and select "Paragraph"
In the Spacing section under "Line Spacing," select "Double"
(Note: You may select other sizes or even customize the spacing)
Click "OK"

How do I paste my picture into letters written in Microsoft Word?
To transfer your picture—or any other picture, such as a listing—into a Microsoft Word document:
Click on the spot in the document where you want to place the picture
On the top menu bar, find "Insert" and select "Picture" and then "From File"
From this menu, find the picture file you wish to insert and highlight the file
Click "OK"

I've inserted a picture into my document, but it's floating off the page and getting cut off. How do I put it on the page where I want it?
When a picture is inserted into your Word document, its default placement is in line with your text. That is, Word inserts the picture at your cursor location. If you want to reposition your picture precisely, follow these steps:
   1. Select the picture.
   2. On the Format menu, click Picture, and then click the Layout tab.
   3. Click the Advanced button.
   4. On the Text Wrapping tab, click the Top and bottom wrapping style or another style of your choice.
   5. If you want to specify the picture's distance from text, specify the distance in the Top, Bottom, Left, and Right boxes. Some elements on the tab may be dimmed, depending on the selections you make.
   6. Click the Picture Position tab to select the picture's horizontal and vertical placement, as well as other options. Again, some elements on the tab may be dimmed, depending on your selections.
   7. To close the Advanced Layout dialog box and save your selections, click OK.
   8. To close the Format Picture dialog box and reposition your picture, click OK.

How do I insert the "®" (registered trademark) after the word "Realtor"?
Microsoft Word offers an array of symbols beyond those found on your keyboard, including the ®. For some symbols, it also offers a second (and faster) way to access them. For the ® symbol, for example, hitting the Ctrl-Alt-R keys simultaneously on a PC will create the symbol, as will option-R on a Macintosh. To use other symbols, first click on the spot within the document where you want the symbol to go. Then:
Go to "Insert" on the top menu and click on "Symbol"
Select a symbol from the grid that comes up
Microsoft Word will then insert it into your document

How do I make return address mailing labels in Microsoft Word?
Note: This information applies to creating an individual envelope or label, not to envelopes and labels created for mass mailings.
   1. On the "Tools" menu, point to "Letters and Mailings," then click Envelopes and Labels.
   2. Click the "Labels" tab.
   3. In the "Address" box, do one of the following:
          * If you are creating mailing labels, enter or edit the address.
          * If you want to use a return address, select the "Use return address" check box, then edit the address if necessary.
          * If you are creating another type of label, such as a book plate, type the text you want.
   4. Under "Print," do one of the following:
          * To print a single label, click Single label. Then, type or select the row and column number on the label sheet for the label you want to print.
          * To print the same information on a sheet of labels, click Full page of the same label.
   5. To select the label type, type of paper feed, and other options, click Options. Select the options you want, then click OK.
          * If the type of label you want to use is not listed in the Product number box, you might be able to use one of the listed labels, or you can click "New label" to create your own custom labels.
   6. In the Envelopes and Labels dialog box, do one of the following:
          * To print one or more labels, insert a sheet of labels into the printer and click Print.
          * To save a sheet of labels for later editing or printing, click New Document.

How do I add a page number to my Microsoft Word document?
   1. On the View menu, click Header and Footer.
   2. On the Header and Footer toolbar, do one of the following:
          * To add basic page numbers, click Insert Page Number.
          * To add Page X of Y page numbers, click "Insert AutoText," then click "Page X of Y" in the list. Note: The page number is automatically inserted and aligned on the left margin of the header or footer. To move the page number to the center or to the right margin, click in front of the page number, and then press the TAB key.
   3. Click Close on the Header and Footer toolbar to return to the body of your document.

What are some keyboard shortcuts I can use to save time?
   1. Control C = Copy
   2. Control V = Paste
   3. Control B = Bold
   4. Control I = Italic
   5. Control U = Underline
   6. Control A = Highlight all Text
   7. Control S = Save File
   8. Control O = Open File
   9. Control P = Print File
  10. Control Z = Undo the last operation

How do I change my text font?
   1. Select the text you want to change.
   2. On the Formatting toolbar click a font name in the Font drop down box.