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How do I set up my Norton Internet Security 2003 so that I can get to secure sites?
Open Norton Internet Security
Highlight "Personal Firewall"
Click on "Configure" (lower right)
Select the "Advanced" tab
Scroll down and highlight "Block access to secure websites?"
Click "Modify"
Select "Permit" (blue)
Click "OK"

I just bought a new computer with Windows Vista installed. What are my options for security software, or should I just use what came with the system?
Windows Vista comes with its own firewall and anti-spyware program, and its Internet Explorer 7 browser includes a pop-up ad blocker and a filter that can help spot fraudulent Web sites.

An antivirus program is still essential for safe computing on the Internet, though, and many PC makers include an antivirus application or full security suite as a trial or with a year’s worth of updates.

If you don’t like the included software, there are other options, as plenty of security companies have upgraded their wares for the Vista system, and some offer limited trial versions to download and try from their Web sites.

Trend Micro, Symantec and McAfee all have antivirus and security suites that have been updated to run on Windows Vista, and Microsoft has even moved into the market with its own Windows Live OneCare suite, a one-suite-fits-all approach to PC maintenance and security that includes an antivirus, anti-spyware and a personal firewall.

If you want more details on software products before you buy and install them, several Web sites have posted reviews of current antivirus and security programs.

PC Magazine, CNet and PC World frequently rate and review security software, and sites like AV Comparatives put programs against one another to test their effectiveness at stopping malicious software.