Dear Tech Team:


Why can't I print after clearing a paper jam?
You may have to reset the equipment. First, turn off the computer and the printer. Now turn them back on, but power up the printer first and then the computer. Then:
   1. Click on Start, select Control Panel and choose Printers.
   2. Double-click on the default printer.
   3. Click on the "Printer" menu, choose Cancel all documents, and try printing again.

All my programs are printing in Landscape layout mode. How can I change it back to portrait layout mode?
To get from landscape printing (the width is longer than the height as in a PowerPoint display) to portrait printing (standard used for most letters), click on "Start" and select Control Panel. From there, choose Printers, right-click on the default printer and select Printing Preferences. Select Portrait and click OK.

I just changed my ink cartridge but now I can't print. Why is this happening?
   1. On some inkjet printers, you must replace both the color and black ink cartridges at the same time. First check the product manual or the vendor's Web site for details.
   2. If that doesn't fix the problem, try repositioning the ink cartridge.
   3. If it still doesn't print, try another cartridge -- cartridges can be defective at times.

How do I add a network printer in Windows XP?
   1. Click on Start and select Control Panel
   2. Choose Printers and Faxes
   3. Click on Add Printer and the Printer Wizard will appear
   4. Click Next
   5. Choose Network Printer
   6. Select "Connect to this printer (or browse for a printer)" and click Next
   7. Choose your printer from the list that appears and click Next

Why doesn't my Logitech Cordless mouse work after replacing batteries?
The problem may be caused by changing the battery with the PC turned on. To fix this, reconnect everything in this order: First, press the Connect button on the receiver, then the Connect button on the mouse, and finally, the Connect button on all other devices that use your wireless hub.

Troubleshooting Printer Problems:
   1. Shutdown the computer then turn off the printer and unplug the printer's power cord from the power source. Plug the printer back into the power source. Turn on the Printer, then turn on your computer.
   2. Check the connections from the printer to the computer - make sure cables are plugged into the proper connection.
   3. Check the print cartridge. If you just changed the print cartridge, it may be defective. Try to reseat the cartridge or try a new cartridge.
   4. Check the manufacturer's website to make sure you have the latest driver available for your printer and your version of Windows. If not, download and install it.
   5. Check for jammed paper.
   6. Are lights blinking? Check in your printer manual under Troubleshooting. Most manufacturers will show a chart indicating what each set of blinking lights represent.