Dear Tech Team:


How can I set up multiple profiles to sync my Palm PDA to 2 PCs?
To create a user profile:
Open Palm Desktop software
From the "Tools" menu, choose "Users"
Click "Profiles"
Click "New"
Enter a unique name for the profile
Click "OK" to Palm Desktop software
Select the profile from the User list and create the data for the profile (e.g., company phone list, etc.)
Next, to perform the first HotSync operation with a new user profile:
Connect the new handheld to the cradle/cable
Press the HotSync button on the cradle/cable
Click "Profiles" when the computer prompts you to do so
Select the profile you want to load on the handheld
Click "OK"
Click "Yes" to transfer all the profile data to the handheld
The next time you perform a HotSync operation, Palm Desktop software prompts you to assign a user name to the handheld

I have new contacts in my Palm Pilot and I want to transfer them to another computer. How do I do that?
Go to the Palm Desktop Software
Click "File" then "Export"
Save ".aba" file to an external disk
On the new PC, click "File Import"
choose the A: drive when asked, and then click on the file you want to import

How do I install a program on my Palm?
Open Palm Desktop and click on the "Install" icon
Select "Add" From there, the program asks you to find the program you wish to install.
Once finished, select the program and click Open. The Palm will do the rest.

My Palm syncs with Outlook. How do I switch back to sync with the Palm Desktop?
You must reinstall the Palm software from the original installation CD to make the change. The setup wizard will ask if you want to sync with Outlook, choose No, and continue the wizard. Note: Backup your Addresses in the Palm before making any installation changes. See next question.

I lost all addresses in my Palm Desktop software after synchronizing. How do I restore them?
The Palm Desktop does not archive data automatically, and you must have a manually created backup to restore it. To backup your addresses, click on Addresses, and File Export. Choose All for the range, name the file, and save it to "My Documents."

How do I adjust the brightness on a Palm VX?
Tap the "Brightness" icon in the upper-right corner of the Graffiti writing area, then press Up or Down on the Navigator to adjust brightness.

I want to erase everything on my Palm PDA. How do I do that?
First a warning: This is a permanent change, so make sure you wish to proceed. With that warning in mind, you perform a "Hard Reset," by inserting a paper clip into the reset hole in the back of the Palm PDA while holding the power button. A message will appear: "Do you want to erase all data? Press the up button for yes or down button for no."

How do I get MLS data on my Palm?
MLS may require additional software for you to access this feature. Contact your MLS for information.

How do I reset the time on my Palm PDA?
On the home screen, select System, Preferences, and General to access date and time changes.