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How do I add a picture to a flyer in Top Producer?
Click "Presentations"
Click "Flyer"
Choose the category and type of flyer
Click "Select property"
Choose the contact
Click "Easy flyer entry"
Click "Advanced" from the menu that appears on the right of your screen
Click on any text box to delete or resize
To insert the pictures:
Click "Insert Photo" or "Clipart" Icon
Move the crosshair pointer to the flyer
Click and drag to form a box for the picture. The Picture Loader window will open.
Select your picture (External will be from a disk or folder, Internal is Top Producer’s standard graphics).
Click "Save"

How can I create mailing labels in Publisher?
Open Publisher
Select "File"
Click "New"
Under the Wizards column, click "Labels"
Select a label style
Click "Start Wizard"
Make any changes, then click "Finish"
Click on the Mailing Address Line 1 (all of the text should be highlighted)
Hit the "Delete" key
Click "Mail Merge" on the top menu
Select "Open Data Source"
Select "Merge information from another type of file"
Select the Text File you saved earlier (at the bottom of the screen, in the Files of type box, select Text files).
Click "Open"
In response to the message box “Do you want to use the entries in the first row of you data as field names?” click "No"
Choose "Comma" as the Separator Character
Click "OK"
A box will appear with F1, F2, F3, etc.
Highlight F1, click "Insert," and hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard
Highlight F2, click "Insert," hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard
HigHlight F3, click "Insert," hit the spacebar twice;
Highlight F4, click "Insert"
Click "Close"
From the menu at the top, select "Mail Merge"
Click "Merge" The names should appear on screen one at a time. Use the >> to move through your labels.
Click "File"
Click "Save As" to save your mail merge