Dear Tech Team:


How do I add a picture to a flyer in Top Producer?
Click "Presentations"
Click "Flyer"
Choose the category and type of flyer
Click "Select property"
Choose the contact
Click "Easy flyer entry"
Click "Advanced" from the menu that appears on the right of your screen
Click on any text box to delete or resize
To insert the pictures:
Click "Insert Photo" or "Clipart" Icon
Move the crosshair pointer to the flyer
Click and drag to form a box for the picture. The Picture Loader window will open.
Select your picture (External will be from a disk or folder, Internal is Top Producer’s standard graphics).
Click "Save"

How can I create mailing labels in Publisher?
Open Publisher
Select "File"
Click "New"
Under the Wizards column, click "Labels"
Select a label style
Click "Start Wizard"
Make any changes, then click "Finish"
Click on the Mailing Address Line 1 (all of the text should be highlighted)
Hit the "Delete" key
Click "Mail Merge" on the top menu
Select "Open Data Source"
Select "Merge information from another type of file"
Select the Text File you saved earlier (at the bottom of the screen, in the Files of type box, select Text files).
Click "Open"
In response to the message box “Do you want to use the entries in the first row of you data as field names?” click "No"
Choose "Comma" as the Separator Character
Click "OK"
A box will appear with F1, F2, F3, etc.
Highlight F1, click "Insert," and hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard
Highlight F2, click "Insert," hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard
HigHlight F3, click "Insert," hit the spacebar twice;
Highlight F4, click "Insert"
Click "Close"
From the menu at the top, select "Mail Merge"
Click "Merge" The names should appear on screen one at a time. Use the >> to move through your labels.
Click "File"
Click "Save As" to save your mail merge

Is there a quick keyboard method to close a task pane in PowerPoint?
Yes! CTRL+F1

What's a quick way to open the slide design task pane from the Slides tab?
Right-click a slide thumbnail and click Slide Design.

You're on slide 10 and you want to jump back to a certain slide. You're just not sure of its number. What's a quick keyboard method to find your slide?
CTRL+S will bring up the All Slides dialog box, which lists slides by number and title. Once the All Slides dialog box is open, you can see the name and number of every slide. Type your slide number (or use an arrow key to select the slide) and press ENTER.

If you don't remember the number of the slide you want to go to, use CTRL+S to find it.
   1. Press CTRL+S to display a list of slides.
   2. Type or select the number of the slide you want to move to. Press ENTER.

What is a Slide Master in PowerPoint?
The Slide Master stores the styles for the template-such as font styles, layout (where the text, headers, and footers are positioned), background design and color scheme. You can make global style changes to your slides. For example, if you want the font to be a different color throughout the show, change it on the Slide Master.

How do I make changes directly to the Title Master?
   1. On the View menu, point to Master, and click Slide Master.
   2. Click the Title Master thumbnail to display it.
   3. Make the changes you want.
   4. If there is no Title Master in Master View, insert one. In Master View, on the Insert menu, click New Title Master.

How do I get the Title Master styles on a slide?
   1. Select the slide thumbnail you want to get the layout.
   2. Display the Slide Layout task pane (Format menu. Slide Layout command.) Or, right-click a slide thumbnail and click Slide Layout.
   3. Click the Title Slide layout (it's the first one) in the pane. The Screen Tip tells you the layout type.

Converting Documents to PDF (Portable Document Format)
By: Mary Wilson
Have you ever wanted to create an un-editable version of a document but you weren’t sure how to do it? Acro Software has created a free application to do it for you. It is called CutePDF and is specially designed to create Adobe Acrobat documents from virtually any Windows application.

In the digital age, it is always a good idea when publishing documents, via email or the internet, to prevent users from editing the document’s contents. Adobe Acrobat is the software of choice for this type of document protection since the Adobe file format (PDF) has become the standard for document protection and publishing.

One of the benefits of this type of "freeware" is that you don’t have to own an expensive copy of Adobe Acrobat Professional to create an Adobe PDF document. By installing CutePDF, you are able to create a PDF version of any documents that you want to share online and protect them from being modified or edited. This could apply to contracts, addendums, etc.

There are other free PDF converters if you are not inclined to use CutePDF. These include PrimoPDF, which supports merging and appending more than one PDF file into a single document. PDFOnline offers a service where they will convert your document to PDF directly on their Web site with no need to download any software on your computer. Both sites contain positive user testimonials regarding their product.

If you are looking for a more advanced PDF converter, there are some choices available but they are not free. However, they still cost less than Adobe Acrobat Professional. These include DocuDesk software, which includes customer support with its pricing. Moreover, there is PDF Converter, which has software that allows you to do some minimal editing of PDFs in addition to creating them. MyPDFCreator is another software that allows you to convert almost any of your existing documents to a PDF File and it has received multiple awards.

In sum, there are multiple options out there for creating a standard PDF document. Make sure you choose the software that you are more comfortable using on a regular basis. Happy converting!