Dear Tech Team:


I have a PowerPoint file on my desktop that will not open. How do I get it to open?
Double-click on your Hard Drive (C:/)
Double-click on the System Folder folder
Double-click on the Preferences folder
Double-click on the Microsoft folder that has your PowerPoint files in it
Drag all PowerPoint items to trash
Click on Special menu
Select Restart
Open your file

I have a JPEG digital photo but it's larger than my computer screen. How do I make it smaller? 
Start by referring to the camera's manual and follow instructions on adjusting resolution settings that affect the file size. Or do the following:
Click "Start," "Programs," "Accessories," and then "Paint"
Click "File" and "Open" to find and display your photo
Click "Image" on the top menu, and then click "Stretch/Skew"
The program reduces the picture by percentages. For example if you tell it to reduce the picture by 50 percent, it will shrink it by half.
Click on "File," select "Save as," and name the file