Dear Tech Team:


I'm using Excel to load addresses and can't figure out how to enter a zip code that starts with a zero.
Start by clicking on a letter at the top of a column to highlight the entire column
Right click on the highlighted area Click "Format Cells," choose "Special" and then "Zip Code"

How do I calculate a monthly mortgage payment for my client in Excel?
Use the formula =PMT(6.5%/12,30*12,250000). Substitute the interest rate for 6.5%, substitute the annual term for 30 and substitute the purchase price for 250000. If you have Excel on your PDA, you can calculate the monthly payment for a client from anywhere.

How can I estimate the loan information for my client in Excel?
Excel has loan calculator/loan amortization schedule built in as a standard template. For Excel 2003, go to File | New. Choose "On My Computer." Click on the Spreadsheet Solutions tab. Click on Loan Amortization. Complete the section titled Enter Values. You can show your client how much an additional monthly payment will save them during the term of their loan. If you have Excel on your PDA, you can calculate these figures from anywhere.

When calculating my home sales in Excel, why does the answer show #DIV/0!?
This indicates that the divisor is zero or divided by zero. For example, the formula of 10/0 would return the answer #DIV/0!.

During my home sales calculation in Excel, how do I hide the answer when the result to a division problem is #DIV/0!?
Assume the dividend is in cell A1, the divisor is in cell A2 and the quotient is in cell A3. In cell A3, enter the following formula. =IF(ISERROR(A1/A2),"",A1/A2).

When I have a large spreadsheet that is tracking all of my home sales, what is the best way to navigate through the spreadsheet?
If you are in the top row of the worksheet and you wanted to get to the bottom row, choose a column that you know has data in every row and choose the End key, then choose the down arrow key. To go back up, choose the End key, then choose the up arrow key. This technique can be used to go to the far left or far right of a series of data.

When bringing a CMA report into Excel, how do I highlight the worksheet based on certain features such as when the number of bedrooms is four?
With your mouse, highlight the cells containing bedrooms and choose Format | Conditional Formatting. In the Condition, choose Cell Value Is. In the next field, choose Equal To. In the next field, enter the number 4. Then click Format. You can format this field with fonts, borders and patterns. For a dramatic result, choose the Borders Tab, choose the Outline format, choose the Color button and select bright red. Choose ok twice.

If I had a CMA on multiple pages in Excel, how do I print all of the pages at one time?
Hold down your control key and click all of the other tabs that you would like printed. Then, choose Print | Preview to ensure the correct tabs have been selected. Then choose Print. Choose the shift key and with your mouse, click on the tab for the active sheet. Notice that the other tabs are no longer highlighted.

What is the fastest way to copy data in one column?
Enter the value or formula in the first row of your data. For example, cell B1. Then place your cursor in the bottom right of that same cell until you see a plus sign (+), then double-click. This will fill the value or formula down until there is a break in the column to the left of the data. For example, if column A had data from cells A1 to 10, then the fill would be through cell B10.

What is the best way to enter data to multiple sheets in my workbook?
1. Select the first tab at the bottom of the screen.
2. While holding down the control key, click the other tabs. These tabs will become highlighted.
3. Place your mouse in cell A1 and enter your information.
4. Choose the shift key and with your mouse, click on the tab for the active sheet. Notice that the other tabs are no longer highlighted. If you click on the other tabs, you will see the same text in cell A1.

How do I copy a series of data from a column to a row, or from a row to a column?
Highlight the appropriate information and choose Edit | Copy. After determining your target area for your paste, choose Edit | Paste Special. In the Paste Special dialog, choose Transpose.