DC Soil Map Information

New!  Natural Resources Conservation Service Web Soil Survey:
Locate DC Soils by Address - DC GIS Services:
  • Go to DC Geographic Information Systems website: http://atlasplus.dcgis.dc.gov.
  • After you click on the above link, there is a tab at the top left labeled “Layers.” 
  • Select a Map Category, e.g. "Environment".
  • Scroll down and choose "Soil Type".

View DC Soils Descriptions and Tables Online:
  • Interpretation of DC Soil Maps
    Print soils tables and download official NRCS soils data, at http://soildatamart.nrcs.usda.gov.
    • Click on Select State.
    • Click on DC.
    • Click on Select Survey Area.
    • Click on Generate Reports.
    • A table will appear with definitions of soil map codes.

Updated April 7, 2015