Council Approves Changes to Development and Planning Approval Process

On Tuesday, February 28, 2006 the County Council approved several measures that are meant to change the development approval process in light of the planning failures that occurred in places like the Clarksburg Town Center. The following are some of the changes that have taken effect in March or will take effect in April:

  • Public notice of all developer requests to change site plans.
  • Planning Board approval of any change to site plans, which means that minor amendments may no longer be approved by any staffer. If no one requests a public hearing, the Planning Board could approve the change on a consent calendar.
  • Developers to post public notice on property where they want to build, to notify affected parties and to hold a public meeting before filing an application with the Planning Board.
  • Confirmation by the planning director that drawings incorporate all requirements of the approved plan.
  • County Council review and approval of all Planning Board regulations and procedures on site plan approval and enforcement.
  • Planning Board has authorization to assign a hearing examiner to conduct a public hearing on alleged violations and submit a report and recommendations to the board.